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My mother is kicking my sister out, and next, it's gonna be me, my father is calling me again...
Thus, I bring poetry!
(And I thought that I should post to the community... ^.^
People say that it's good way to get it all out, but I dunno. It's still there.

Slipping past the morning’s glories
Mourning what we cannot be;
Soundless requiems for stories
Swallowed by this silent sea

Tiny rowboats built by Graces
Wear the colors of our thoughts;
Whitewashed like the starving spaces
Where our words begin to rot

Seeping through the pores of sun-up,
Shackled by our poor numb lips,
Swansongs fill the silver grace cup,
Daring us to take a sip

Withered Fates with sharpened scissors
Wait to tear our love to shreds,
Beckoning our boat come hither,
Judging they must cut our threads

I would those strings should never sever,
Endless as this ocean gray,
But if I held those strings forever
They would not weave a word to say...
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