kitsune_ryu369 (kitsune_ryu369) wrote in tranquil_fury,

Yeah, so, now I'm maintainer/moderater of Tranquil Fury...



i am waiting for you at the end of all things
i am perched on the edge of the world
have my wedding dress under my candlewax wings
and my fairytales waiting unfurled

so i circle and scavenge for pieces of past
turn what was into what could still be
but the best parts for taking are not gonna last
and what's left is rotting under me

because history captured my thinking somehow
and for diamonds i suddenly lust
because to be honest i'd marry you now
'fore my flowers start turning to dust

but i know in my middle that you are my sun
and i am your icarus brave
but for all of my boldness, the worries i shun
i cannot my own body save
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