Ryn (toxic_mystery) wrote in tranquil_fury,

Secrets In The Dark

I need your honest opinions, I did alot more work on this song than the last one and I like it way more but im still not totally sure about it so...
Anything you guys have to offer would be fantastic.

V1. I'm wanting to abuse you
      keep wanting to crawl inside you
      I'm wanting to break you
      I'm wanting to re-make you

      There's something about innocence
      that just begs to be stolen
      just like a trusting naieve heart
      just asking to be broken

Ch.  So many secrets in the dark
       some things can't stand the light of day
       quit trying to rationalise this
       we both know it's not okay
       for me the angels just wont smile
       they'll cry their tears of blood
       let it mingle with yours and mine
       let it storm, let it flood

V2.  Your heart is mine for the taking
        like the courage I know your faking
        come on baby just keep on hating
        I love the sounds you make when your breaking

        My heart is cold enough to turn
        your tears to ice
        you should know by now that really
        I'm not nice


B1.  You'll never be like you were before 
        I'll leave you broken on my floor
        with all the toys I broke before
        I'll leave you battered, used and sore
        I'm corrupt and I'm insane
        unbearable pleasure, addictive pain
        I keep hurting you but it's still to tame
        just another monster that can't be slain


B2.   We're just like shards of glass
        once dropped forever broken
        so many things that we should say
        they'll all remain unspoken

     Chorus x2

      let it flood

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